A selection of testimonials from our current and past clients.

" I met Jane after struggling to breastfeed my second child and she was amazing, so supportive and really patient with both myself and Max!

I later went on to have twins and due to Jane's help and support I was able to successfully feed the twins for four and a half months which was amazing especially as one of them was originally in the high dependency unit at the JR and really needed breast milk for his time there.

I only wish I had met her with my first child as I felt so overwhelmed and gave up breastfeeding him relatively quickly and if I had only had Jane to show me some tricks of the trade I would have been able to have breastfed him for longer.

Jane is so approachable and unflappable, she gives you the confidence you need to keep going and it is really worth it in the end."

Isobel Lamplough

" I had fed my daughter for 10 months so I knew that there was something wrong with my son's attachment but everyone told me it would be fine and to keep trying different feeding positions. It didn't improve and the feeding got worse, as did the pain. I was really struggling to keep breast feeding and was near to giving up when I found Jane.

Even before Jane looked at my son's mouth she thought he may have a tongue tie given the problems we were experiencing; milk dribbling from his mouth whilst feeding, gas, extreme nipple pain and damage. When Jane met us she was able to confirm this was the case.

I felt immediate relief - it wasn't that I was failing but there was a reason for the problems and something that could be fixed. Jane helped with our feeding technique and left us so much more positive.

I hoped that Jane would fix the feeding issues for us but what I didn't expect was the extra care, attention and help she gave. She diagnosed thrush and mastitis and ensured I got early treatment and also followed up daily by phone after the first few visits which I wasn't expecting. It really helped me feel positive, supported and able to carry on.

There is no quick fix for a tongue tie and in our case it needed to be cut but Jane was there to guide us through it, give us other options, support us with the aftercare and above all she ensured I continued to breast feed. Quite simply, without Jane I wouldn't have been able to continue to breast feed, which I felt heart broken about and wouldn't have been able to come to terms with.

Jane is extremely knowledgeable but also very personable and I immediately knew I was in safe and highly competent hands. It's a very emotional time for women and Jane handles the issues with care, personal understanding and professionalism.

Thanks to Jane my son is exclusively breast fed, hasn't touched a drop of formula and I have pain free feeding which I will continue for as long as I want. For anyone struggling with feeding for any reason, speak to Jane Radley as soon as possible. She has really changed our lives and I am so grateful.

Thank you Jane, I can't tell you how much I appreciate your help. "

Rebecca Hague

" The Mary Poppins of breastfeeding!

I naively thought it would all take care of itself 'naturally'. Jane guided me through five rounds of mastitis, ductal thrush, necrotized nipples, protecting supply while baby in HDU, expressing, ramping up, ramping down, weaning onto and off bottles/breast and fixing a posterior tongue tie that was not diagnosed on the NHS.

I cannot recommend her strongly enough. For struggles big or small, don't hesitate.

My only regret is that I did not have her there to help me from day one."

Jacinta O'Shea

" I called Jane when I found myself struggling with breastfeeding in the early weeks. She gave me immediate advice over the phone and was with me by 10am the next day.

From the moment I called her, Jane was both my coach and cheerleader. It was a long and hard fight to keep breastfeeding going but, with Jane's advice and support, I am still exclusively breastfeeding my son at 12 weeks and will continue to do so.

Jane is knowledgeable, professional, and absolutely committed to helping women breastfeed. I would not have been able to continue breastfeeding without her support."

Felicia Willow

" My first contact with Jane was when my little boy was one week old. He was born with a tongue tie and was struggling to breastfeed.

Jane came to see us and in the following few weeks provided invaluable support and advice to us. There were a few hurdles to overcome but we got there and I continued to breastfeed my son for nearly eleven months.

Jane was an immense support to me and always available on the phone to give reassurance and advice. Without her help I would probably have given up breastfeeding within the first two weeks. I am so grateful to Jane for helping me form such a special bond with my son and for her continued support.

She would be my first contact if I had any concerns about feeding my next baby."

Helen Dickson

" I had always hoped I would be able to breastfeed but had no idea it would be so difficult and so painful.

Within two weeks of our daughter being born I was fortunate enough to find Jane who identified tongue tie and referred us to a private specialist straight away. Her support, knowledge, encouragement and advice helped me to keep feeding and I was determined not to give up.

Jane came to visit us at home many times and always followed up her visits by phone to check progress and discuss any concerns and she was always available to talk to which really helped.

Jane advised that it would get better and and she was right. At 8 weeks it all seemed to get easier. Our daughter is now 7 months old and I'm still breastfeeding, it's such a special time and I'm so grateful to have had this experience.

Jane is warm, understanding and really cares. I would recommend anyone who is struggling to breastfeed to seek help and advice from Jane."

Raddasah Nolan

" Having breastfed two other children I assumed it would be easy feeding my youngest child but after a difficult birth and a period spent in NICU feeding Oliver proved anything but easy. After weeks of poor or no weight gain and numerous suggestions to switch to formula I picked up the phone and called Jane.

From that very first, extremely emotional, phone call I felt I was in extremely good hands. She spoke with me (not at me) and gave some very useful suggestions, most of all she told me to trust my instincts. The consultation was both emotionally liberating and the programme she worked with me on proved to be the missing link in our breastfeeding journey!

I know that without her continued support and spot on advice I would not have been able to exclusively breastfeed Oliver for over 12 months! She was my rock and my advocate when I felt lost and frustrated!! I truly can't thank her enough!!"

Suzy X

" I could not recommend Jane more highly, the way she helped me and my baby was completely invaluable and for which I will always be extremely grateful.

Jane is so kind, calm and caring, but also a true professional with extensive knowledge and understanding, which provided me with confidence and the skills I needed."

Liz Creswick

" I enlisted the help of Jane in my breastfeeding journey - she was lovely. She noticed straight away that Alexis had a tongue tie and a lip tie. Given problems with flat nipples we decided that although we could persevere, it would be very frustrating for both of us to breastfeed since Alexis was now used to having expressed breast milk from a bottle. Instead, Jane helped me with invaluable advice to continue expressing.

I would highly recommend Jane to anyone needing extra support. I wish we'd had her support from the outset."

Jade Douglas