Privacy Policy

I take my clients' privacy very seriously and keep their personal data and all aspects of our consultancy entirely confidential.

Any personal details which you may send through this web site or pass to me as part of a consultation will be stored securely and will never be passed to a third party unless you specifically request me to do so.

My web site may log technical information about the way you interact with it to help gain an understanding of how the web site is used generally by people that visit it, but it will not collect any additional personal or sensitive information about you or your computer.

I will only contact you in order to follow up an enquiry or respond to a specific request from you. I will never distribute marketing information about myself directly to you unless you request it.

Again, unless it is necessary or normal during the course of a consultation, I will never contact you directly without a request to do so.

For more information about my commitment to your confidentiality, please contact me