Better Breastfeeding

How does breastfeeding help mothers

Women who breastfeed are at lower risk of breast cancer, ovarian cancer & osteoporosis.

Looking at a thriving baby and knowing it is you that has enabled this promotes a sense of fulfilment and self-confidence.

Breastfeeding mothers may have increased feelings of closeness and bonding with their infants.

There are no bottles to sterilize and no formula to purchase, measure and mix.

Breastmilk means having less equipment to transport. It is always the right temperature and consistency for your baby.

Peace of mind - unlike formula breast milk has never been recalled due to contamination concerns.

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Breastfeeding advice from Jane Radley

I am an independent, qualified breastfeeding and lactation consultant offering a range of services to help mothers and couples, both before and after the birth of your baby. I can also be contacted if problem solving consultations may be required.

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