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How does breastfeeding help your baby

All mammals make milk for their young. Human milk is species specific - it is uniquely suited for human infants. It is organic, a living substance and is easily digested.

Breastmilk contains antibodies which help protect infants from bacteria and viruses. These include gastroenteritis, respiratory illness, and urinary tract and middle ear infections. Human milk also reduces the risk of allergic disease (asthma, eczema and wheezing).

Breastmilk can supply all your babies nutritional requirements for the first six months.

It contains just the right amount of fatty acids, lactose, water and amino acids for brain development and growth.

A breastfeeding mother can immediately calm and satisfy her baby by providing her breast milk when baby is hungry.

Breastmilk unlike formula has a constantly changing flavour. It is sometimes sweet, spicy, nutty and so on. It is a gentle and exciting introduction to later food experiences.

By choosing to breastfeed you are also helping to reduce environmental waste. Less processing and packaging means you are promoting a greener environment for your baby to grow up in.

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