About Jane Radley

I am an independent, qualified breastfeeding consultant based on the Northamptonshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire border. I offer breastfeeding advice and help in a dedicated breastfeeding clinic.


Whilst working as a midwife within the NHS I have empowered women on a one to one basis to breastfeed. I have accumulated a wealth of practical breastfeeding experience, providing group breastfeeding antenatal workshops and running drop in postnatal clinics. I am able to recognise tongue tie complications and appropriately manage such cases. In 2007 after intensive study I passed the exam to become an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant.

How did I obtain this qualification?

The application to sit this exam is strictly monitored. One must provide documented and professionally verified evidence which proves you have fulfilled the necessary clinical hours. It is also essential that you can provide details of one to one breastfeeding support as well as antenatal education.

I then undertook a number of specialist courses covering all aspects of infant feeding. Subjects such as growth parameters, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology of lactation and counselling skills, child development and nutrition and many other subject areas have to be studied in order to qualify.

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Image: Start quotationThanks to Jane, my son is exclusively breast fed, hasn't touched a drop of formula and I have pain free feeding which I will continue for as long as I want. She has really changed our lives and I am so grateful.Image: Close quotation

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